Exercise for Beginners

My fitness journey has been a bit of a wild one. I’ve tried many different things and programs, and I’ve had a lot of trial and error. Here, I am going to give you a bit of insight on what I have tried, and my experiences with exercise while on this journey. These basic videos are free, and most are around 30 minutes I believe, and they range from 10 minutes to an hour. Hopefully these programs can help you or give you ideas if you are just starting out, looking for a change in your routine, or looking to incorporate different things into your life.


The first workout program I remember trying is Blogilates, and honestly it was great. Cassey Ho is the one running this site and she is a great motivator. She creates videos, which are available on YouTube as well as her website blogilates.com. She even creates a free monthly calendar for you to follow and gives you specific workouts each day. They target the different muscle groups of your body and incorporate cardio too. I really enjoyed following her workouts, because you can make your own lineup of videos or follow her guide. There are tons of videos, and she is so energetic and makes the time fly by with her coaching throughout the video and the stories she tells. I would recommend this for beginners and experienced exercisers, because there are videos for everyone on there. I personally have found that I’m not good with following calendars, but I would definitely give this a try. It’s what got me started on fitness and inspired me to get to where I am now.

Fitness Blender

Another program I stumbled upon while looking for workout videos on YouTube is Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender is run by a couple dedicated to health and fitness: Kelli and Daniel. Their videos also have a range of focuses, from strength training to cardio to stretching to pilates. It has something for everyone: newbies and oldies. As I said, I found them on YouTube, but you can also visit their website at fitnessblender.com. I really liked following along with these videos too, and felt like I was getting in an effective workout. It is also nice because if you prefer to follow the workout with a female, you can watch the videos featuring Kelli, but if you prefer a workout with a male leading, you can watch the ones featuring Daniel. I really liked this program and how they did their videos, so I would also recommend giving this one a try.

Yoga With Adriene

Yet again, another YouTube channel. But this one is a little different because she focuses on yoga. A woman named Adriene runs this channel, and she is a great motivator to complete the routines. She always puts me in a positive mood when I follow along with her sequences, and they make my body feel good as well. Yoga really helps me to calm down and slow my thinking, especially when I’ve had a busy day at school or work. I like to take 20 or 30 minutes to simply relax and do something good for my mind and body. She also has different focuses on her videos, like yoga for weight loss, stretching, and more!

Right now, in my current situation, I am doing a combination of things for my workout routine. I have been incorporating running on the treadmill, as cardio burns fat and that is my main goal at this point. It is also cool to see your body improve and be able to go farther and harder than you did last time. I’m also incorporating light weights to begin building some muscle and toning up, as that is my other goal. I’ve been using moves I’ve learned from the sites listed above and making my own personal workouts from them. I am also going to be incorporating some stretching and possibly yoga into my routine as well, because I would like to become more flexible now. I’m sure I will end up changing my routine again, because that’s what I do, but this is how it’s going for now. Good luck to you on your fitness journey!

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